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We invite you to The Mock IMO Assembly,
a global talent-nurturing project
for the future maritime industry.

Mock IMO Assembly is hosted by the Ministry of Oceans and
Fisheries and led by the Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries
Technology. At the mock assembly, young people(from 19 to 34 years old)
identify current issues in the areas of safety,environment, law, policy, education,
logistics, and other maritime affairs discussed at the IMO and present solutions to
those issues in English.

International Maritime Organization (IMO) is an international organization under the UN, which was established to promote inter-governmental cooperation on all technical matters that have an impact on shipping and ship building and overseas international standards for maritime safety, security and prevention of marine pollution. Decisions made by the IMO have a significant impact on the maritime.

Under such circumstances, it is urgent for us to nurture future talents who can respond to IMO efficiently by taking this opportunity to make another leap forward of Korea’s shipping and ship building industry facing difficulties at the moment. Marking the 7th anniversary, the status of the Mock IMO Assembly has been steadily increasing as more and more young people(from 19 to 34 years old) in the nation show great interest in the assembly and young people(from 19 to 34 years old) with capabilities actively participate in the event.

I hope that the Mock IMO Assembly can provide opportunities for young people(from 19 to 34 years old) to have more interest in maritime affairs and serve as a forum for providing both challenges and opportunities to those who want to be the next generation maritime experts. I’d like to ask the young people(from 19 to 34 years old) and the relevant parties across the nation to have keen interest and participate in the event.

Chairman of The 2021 Mock IMO Assembly