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Awards 9 teams including the Grand Prize (KRW 28,000,000)

Descriptions Awardee Award

Grand Prize

by Minister of Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
1 team

Field Trip to IMO London Headquarters

(Approximately KRW 12,000,000)

Gold Award

by The President of Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology
1 team

KRW 4,000,000

Silver Award

by The President of Korea Maritime Institute
1 team

KRW 3,000,000

Special Awards

by The Chairperson of Steering Committee
6 team

KRW 1,500,000

Participation Award

Small Souvenir for the participating teams
*If the Grand Prize winning team cannot attend the IMO Assembly in London due to COVID-19, the Grand Prize can be replaced by other.
*The winning team of the finals will be required to act as IMO ambassadors for the next mock assembly.

Benefits for Participating Teams

Preliminary Rounds


  • Commemorative badge

Participation Prize

  • Small Souvenir for the participating teams


  • Letter of a certificate to all of the entry teams

Final Rounds

Internship Program

  • An opportunity to apply an internship program to related insititution
    (If there are many applicants, they will be selected through screening.)

Financial Supports

  • Meals and Fees for round-trip transportation are provided.

Profile Picture

  • Profile Picture taken by a professional photographer