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Preliminaries Online

  • Selection of
    Presentation Topic
    and Study on Solution


  • Submission via Online
    Application Form
    PowerPoint File
    Video File

    Deadline :
    September 25(Mon) at 12am

  • Screening


  • Announcement
    on Scoring

    October 11(Wed)


  • Around-trip ticket or transportation fee will be provided.
  • Students who come from abroad for the purpose of participating in
    the competition will only be paid for domestic transportation.
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  • Presentation
    15 mins

  • Q&A
    10 mins

  • Scoring
    by Judges

  • Announcement
    on Winning Team

  • Award

※ A round-trip ticket or transportation fee will be provided to the participating teams for the finals.

※ Students who come from abroad for the purpose of participating in the competition will only be paid for domestic transportation.

Presentaion Topic

Topic Example
Safety (Ex) Maritime safety, e-Navigation, Cyber security for ships, Safety strengthening for passenger ships, Ways to reduce human error Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship(MASS) safety and IMO safety-related issue.
Environment (Ex) Prevention of marine pollution, Ways to reduce green house gas, Management of maritime dangerous goods, Ballest Water Management(BWM), Ways to prevent illegal waste disposal from ships, Environment-friendly ships and IMO environment-related issue.
Regulation (Ex) Compensation for oil spill damage, Implementation of Wreck Removal Convention, Maritime safety judgement or hull insurance-related issue, Unified implementation of convention and IMO regulation-related issue.
Policy (Ex) IMO policy suggestion for implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals, Ways to improve developing countries' capacity of implementing convention, Improvement of developing women workforce, Effective application of IMO, Mandatory Audit Scheme(IMSAS), IMO Strategic Plan, Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship(MASS) Navigation and IMO policy-related issue.
Education (Ex) Ways to train mariners for their capacity development, Ways to improve education system of nurturing international professionals in shipping and IMO education-related issue.
Logistics (Ex) Maritime Single Window for logistics & customs, Maritime cyber security, Ways to facilitate maritime logistics and IMO logistics-related issue.
  • Among the above-stated six presentation topics, participants are allowed to choose one area according to their preference and decide the specific presentation title. The titles described in the examples are only intended to facilitate their understanding. Any other topics related IMO other than stated above are welcomed.
  • Participants can refer to the IMO's official website for details on presentation topic. [Go to IMO website]

Guideline on SubmissionFor the Preliminaries

Application Form and Presentation Abstract [Download a sample file]

  • Application Form : Fill out the required information including team name, College/affiliation, major/department, name and contact number of team members on the IMO official website.
  • Presentation Abstract : The abstract of presentation both in Korean and English should be submitted.
    • - Participants should comply with using prescribed form.
    • - Korean '돋움' font 10point, English 'Arial' font 10point.
    • - Do not exceed 1 page.
  • File Name and Extension : 2023 IMO_English team name.docx
    • - The file name in Korean is not allowed. It should be stated in English.

PPT File

  • Presentation material should be stated in English and submitted in PPT file format.
  • Cover and Slide : "Blind Test" applies to the whole evaluation process. Therefore, it is prohibited to state personal information such as College/affiliation, major/department or participants' name other than team name and presentation title on the cover and in the slides of PPT file.
  • Size : There is no limitation on the number of slide (presentation time is limited to about 10 mins)
  • Slide Size : Follows a basic format of MS PowerPoint (4:3, 25.4cm*19.05cm)
  • File Name and Extension : 2023 IMO_English team name.pptx
    • - The file name in Korean is not allowed. It should be stated in English.
    • - It should be in accordance with MS PowerPoint 2010~2016 version and keynote is not allowed to be submitted.
  • Attachment of video or voice file in a PPT file is not allowed.
    ※ The participating team qualifying for the finals is allowed to attach the video or voice file.
  • Font : Basic fonts offered by MS PowerPoint should be used. Unique fonts are not allowed.
  • PPT File Size : Less than 30MB
  • Page number Must be written in a slide.

Video File

  • Film a presenter's making a presentation in English by looking at PPT slides. The voice of the presenter should be clearly heard. [Sample screen]
  • The video clip should be limited to 10 minutes. All three individuals of the team should make a presentation respectively.
  • "Blind Test" applies to the whole evaluation process. Wearing an uniform implying a specific College/affiliation or filming with College/affiliation background is strictly prohibited.
  • Video File Size : Less than 300MB
  • File Name and Extension : 2023 IMO_English team name.mp4
    • - The file name in Korean is not allowed. It should be stated in English.

Guideline on Submission For the Finals


  • The presentation scripts should be stated in English and submitted by adopting the same document format which IMO actually uses. The format can be downloaded on the official website.

PPT File

  • The participating team should provide the updated version of PPT file submitted for the preliminaries in terms of both contents and time duration (15 mins, Less than 30MB)
  • ※ Submission deadline for the finals : November 1(Wed) at 12pm

Evaluation Criteria for Preliminaries/Finals

Maximum of 100 scores, differential scores are allocated for each evaluation criteria

Preliminaries Evaluation Criteria

Problem Solving Skills Uniqueness of the Topic, Thematic coherence
Rationality of the Topic (In terms of commercialization and feasibility in industry, expected effects and necessity etc.)
Practicality of conclusion (In terms of being applicable to reality)
50 scores
English Proficiency Command of English, English presentation skills (delivery), Understanding and using terminology 20 scores
Assessment Maturity of the abstract (degree of completeness), Cohesiveness and Completeness of the PPT, (Background, introduction, body and conclusion, presentation skill (except for English proficiency) etc), Teamwork among members(split-up of the work) 30 scores

Finals Evaluation Criteria

Problem Solving Skills Originality of the Topic, Logic and Indication of the Presentation
Practicality of the Topic(Commercialization and Feasibility, Expected Results)
Rationality of the Conclusion(Applicability of the Suggested Solution, etc.)
Credibility of the Presentation
40 scores
Participant Assessment Team Members’ Participation inthe Presentation, Teamwork among Members, Presentation Attitude, Presenters’ Communication Skills 20 scores
English Proficiency English Presentation Skills(delivery), Understanding and Use of Technical Terms, Command of English 15 scores
Final Assessment Cohesiveness and Completion of the PPT 10 scores
Q&A Comprehension of the Question, Logic of the Answer 15 scores


  • Any work that failed to comply with the guidelines may be subject to any disadvantages during evaluation.
  • All submissions will not be returned and the copyright of all submissions and award-winning works should be vested in The Mock IMO Assembly.
  • The participating team should be composed of three individuals. A team of two or four is not allowed.
  • Participants and winners of past competitions can participate(Except Grand Prize winners)
  • Due to a temporary server unavailability resulting from concentrated upload around a deadline, to upload a file at least three hours before the deadline is recommended.